North Carolina workers compensation claim is a legal process.  It is for employees who have been injured on the job. Workers comp claims are generally filed by the employer.  But an employee can also file their own personal injury claim if they feel that the employer is not handling their situation properly.

Workers Compensation Laws are the laws that provide benefits and compensation for employees who sustain work-related injuries.


Here are 5 things you should know about Workers Compensation:

1) You have a 10-day deadline to file your claim,

2) You can only sue in court if you’ve exhausted all other remedies. However, having an attorney negotiate with the insurance company is important for the best results.

3) Your employer’s insurance company has to pay for your medical care and lost wages. It’s important to know that your employer’s insurance company has to pay for your medical care and lost wages, not the employer. That means if you’re injured at work and have been treated by a doctor or had any days off, these expenses will be covered by the insurance company.

4) You can file workers’ compensation for occupational diseases and not just injuries. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance for workers in the event of injuries or occupational diseases. It is not limited to injuries, and it is often a requirement for employers.

5) Routine Events are not covered by workmens’ compensation. The worker’s compensation system in the United States does not cover routine events. Workers who suffer injuries from these events are not entitled to any disability payments.  Unless an injury is considered a “major injury”, the injured person will receive no compensation. Routine events are things that you do every day.  However, for whatever reason that day you twisted your ankle or throughout your back.

How Workers Compensation Works

Workers’ compensation is a system that provides income benefits, medical care, and vocational rehabilitation to employees who are injured or disabled as a result of their employment.

This system aims to provide protection and compensation for people who have suffered injuries while working. Workers’ compensation is often provided by public entities such as the state or provincial governments. The idea behind workers’ compensation is for an employer to protect themselves from full financial responsibility for injuries that may be caused by their employee’s work. It also protects the worker from being fired or discriminated against because of an injury sustained on the job.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or worse over someone’s negligence, you could be looking at compensation. Don’t take what the insurance company offers you at first if you don’t know the extent of your injuries. Many times we think we will only be out a few days and a few days turn to weeks. Be sure you have all the details and medical records for your attorney to go over with you.

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