If a worker gets injured and ill, there is a law for workers’ compensation. Under this act, the worker is not only entitled to get the medical bills but also the temporary partial or temporary total payments. In the case of fatalities, the family members who are dependent on the worker get the payments.

Many a time insurance companies and employers are the ones who don’t abide by this law, in such cases a worker can go to court to gain what is rightfully theirs. The attorney will be able to help such people in getting their due amounts. Our firm had many victories credited to their names. Well-experienced lawyers who have both the knowledge of the laws and their limitations will help you to gain what rightfully is yours.

The North Carolina Workers Compensation Law covers many aspects of the payments while there are some limitations as well.

There are requirements set by the authorities which on fulfilling helps you gain your compensation, while there is some recognition in case the employer is unable to pay the compensation to the employee.

An employer who has employed three or more workers is obliged to obtain insurance to pay the employees their compensation or get themselves self-insured. But again certain categories are not covered under this as exceptions lie everywhere like certain railroad workers, the workers who are directly employed by households, casual employees, federal government employees, and many more.

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Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance which the employer has to provide to the worker at the time of injury or illness and they have to take off.

The organizations which don’t hire an insurance company for the compensations are liable to the questioning and the compensation. Under any condition, if a company is unable to meet the compensation law then there are a few things they’ll have to face. The worker has the right to drag the case to court and if the company is proved to be guilty then some penalties can be enforced on them. These are,

  • Imprisonment
  • Getting charged with felony
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Penalties related to stiff financing

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Charlotte NC Work Company Lawyers Group is a firm of highly qualified and experienced lawyers who have brought justice to many workers and made the companies pay for their wrongdoings. So, if you too are someone who is facing compensation issues with your employer being a worker who should be covered under this law.

We understand that you are not professionals and can’t always be sure about your claims. In such cases, we provide people with guidance and consultations after which they can take the next step of whether to drag their organization to the court or not. We thus, ensure that the needs of all the workers living in North Carolina and South Carolina, are met to the best of our abilities and no worker has to face injustice or mistreatments.


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