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Charlotte NC Work Comp Lawyers Group has some of the best lawyers who specialize in Workers Compensation injury claims,  rules and regulation. Our law firm has over 50 years of combined experience.

We have helped thousands of employees recover their rightful money from Workers compensation. Our highly qualified professionals have the needed knowledge to fight a win case against the insurance company, or claim administrator for the Workers Compensation.

We operate in Charlotte and surrounding areas, as well as representing workers injured on the job in South Carolina. We have a thorough knowledge of North Carolina’s Workers Compensation Laws as well as Workers Comp laws in South Carolina. No matter what industry you are working in, come to us when you need a qualified workers comp attorney to represent you.

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North Carolina Workers Compensation Act

According to North Carolina’s Workers Compensation Act all businesses that have three or more employees are required to provide Workers Compensation Benefits to their employees. These businesses include corporations, sole proprietorship, limited liability as well companies that work as partnerships. Injuries or illness sustained during work for which the employee needed medical treatment, and was not able to return to work are eligible for compensation.

They will be compensated for the medical bills and the loss in wages for the time they were absent from work due to the said injury or illness. Workers Compensation works for temporary and permanent disability, partial disability as well as fatalities. In case the employee dies there dependents will be covered by Workers Compensation.

Workers compensation is a no-fault insurance that the employer provides to the employee. In exchange for protection from workplace injuries, the employee gives up some of his or her legal rights to sue the company if something goes wrong during work leading to an injury.

As per North Carolina’s official website there is Exception to Workers Compensation coverage.


  • Employees of certain railroads
  • Casual employees, i.e., persons whose employment is both casual and not in the course of the trade, business, profession or occupation of the employee
  • Domestic servants directly employed by the household.
  • Farm laborers when fewer than 10 full-time, non-seasonal farm laborers are regularly employed by the same employer.
  • Federal government employees in North Carolina.
  • Sellers of agricultural products for the producers thereof on commission or for other compensation, paid by the producers, provided the product is prepared for sale by the producer.

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Have A Denied Claim? We Can Help

Insurance companies may deny claims on several grounds. Most insurance companies try their best to prevent the money from going out of their pocket. They have claim administrators who do everything in their capacity to prove that your claim is not eligible for workers compensation.

They may say that the injury or illness wasn’t work related. They may also state that you have crossed the time limit of filing your claim when you have a valid reason for why you couldn’t/didn’t file for the claim. If your employer didn’t assist you filing the claim, and it was their fault that you became late, then you can contest such false claims.

We can help you appeal denied claims. We will gather evidence and assist your with all the necessary legal tools to get your settlement as soon as possible so you start receiving your workers compensation.

Claim Denied Because Of Pre Pre-Existing Condition?

If you had a prior injury or ailment involving the same body part you hurt at work, insurance companies may deny the claim. Your injury will most likely be blamed on your previous medical condition rather than your professional actions. This is especially true if your damage occurred over time rather than in a single workplace event.

For example if you were getting treatment for back pain, and fell down injuring your back, it could be blamed on your pre-existing condition. In such a case our lawyers can help fight against the insurance company to get you your rightful compensation.

If your injuries are due to poor ergonomics on the work site creating a repetitive stress injury, we can perform a free case evaluation.

Not Getting Adequate Compensation?

If the compensation you’re getting is not adequate to cover for your medical expenses and the additional expenses due to the loss of wages, you can file for higher compensation value. In such a case you will have proper evidence of why you need the higher compensation. Supporting documents which could be medical documents, bills, and more.

Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients get higher compensation amounts. We can help you strengthen your case to increase the chances of getting the higher compensation approved.

Trouble Getting Immediate Treatment?

If your insurance company is delaying in approving the expensive medical treatment, it can prevent you from getting immediate treatment that you need. Our lawyers can send notice to the insurance company and put pressure on them to approve the medical treatment as soon as possible so you can start getting your treatment without having to struggle for the expenses.

North Carolina Workers Compensation Attorney

When you get injured at work regrettably you can’t sue your employer for negligence or whatever their fault might be. Good thing is you are covered by the workers compensation act. It is your employer’s duty to assist you get the compensation as soon as you inform them about the injury.

You will be reimbursed for the medical expenses inpatient, medication, tests, physical therapy, clutches, wheel chair, etc. You also get paid for the loss of wages for the time you were not able to go to work due to the said injury. If the injury leads to permanent disability causing you to never be able to go back to work again, you are entitled to permanent disability compensation.

Any issues with the insurance company or claim administrator that leads to conflict, the Charlotte NC Workers Comp Lawyers Group can help. We research your case and help to get your compensation when it gets denied. If you need to contest in civil court to get a higher compensation, come to us so we can help you with the best legal advice.

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